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Gift stand with mixed fresh flowers arrangement, gift if added is extra price
24.00 QAR
 48.00 QAR 
Printed Mug
29.00 QAR
Printed Mug
28.00 QAR
 56.00 QAR 
Boadicea Complex THE VICTORIOUS Luxury perfume collection, Unisex, 100ml
23.00 QAR
Grace collection
21.00 QAR
 42.00 QAR 
Glass vase covered with crystals and chocolate
21.00 QAR
 42.00 QAR 
Soy candle
27.00 QAR
 54.00 QAR 
Personalized box with flowers and ribbon, light letter is extra
12.00 QAR
 24.00 QAR 
Sweets basket with chocolate and cookies selection
29.00 QAR
Fresh roses in personalized gift box/ your greetings written on box
26.00 QAR
Flowers bouquet
20.00 QAR
Flowers basket
20.00 QAR
 40.00 QAR 
So Elegant
22.00 QAR
Round Semicircle Metal Container With Red Flower Arrangement
12.00 QAR
Chocolate stand
7.00 QAR
 14.00 QAR 
Vaporizer + flowers + chocolate
27.00 QAR
Sweet and chocolate with elegant flowers design
6.00 QAR
 12.00 QAR 
Acrylic evaporator
13.00 QAR
LED Lights Cushion Cover pillows wuth letter you want
29.00 QAR
 58.00 QAR 
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